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A History of Modern Ideas HIST5012 Module
A People's History of Britain HIST4010 Module
Advanced Study in Modern Political History HIST6008 Module
Advanced Study in Social and Cultural History HIST6005 Module
Advanced Study in the History of America HIST6010 Module
Advanced Study in the History of Crime HIST6006 Module
Advanced Study in the History of Ideas HIST6007 Module
America at War: from the Revolution to the War on Terror HIST7029 Module
American Colossus: US Domestic & Foreign Politics, 1945-2012 HIST7003 Module
Armies, Immigrants, and Gangs: The History of the U.S.- Mexican Border HIST7031 Module
Behaving Badly: From Deviance to Modernity HIST7012 Module
Blasphemy from the Ancient to Contemporary World HIST7030 Module
Bloody Histories: Crime and Violence in the West HIST4014 Module
Britain and Europe, 1950-1990 HIST7010 Module
Civil War: Russia, Spain and Greece HIST7015 Module
Conflict and Belief in the Early Modern World HIST5005 Module
Crime and Punishment through the Ages HIST5007 Module
Dissertation (History) HIST7018 Module
Engineering Society: Eugenics and Biopolitics in Europe HIST7021 Module
Ethics & Ideas: From the Hippocratic Oath to Informed Consent HIST7020 Module
Europe and the World 1450-1750 HIST4001 Module
Gender, Sexualities and the Body HIST5006 Module
Historical Writing HIST5017 Module
History and Documents HIST5015 Module
History Dissertation/Project HIST6002 Module
History Interdisciplinary Dissertation/Project HIST6001 Module
History That Was Not: Counterfactuals and Alternate History HIST7001 Module
History Work Based Learning HIST5016 Module
Independent Study I HIST5018 Module
Independent Study II HIST5019 Module
Independent Study Module (History) HIST7017 Module
Independent Study Module A HIST7027 Module
Investigation and Discovery Module 3 HIST6000 Module
Jack the Ripper and the Victorian Underworld HIST5010 Module
Key Concepts and Methods in Humanities Research (History) HIST7002 Module
Making History: Theory, Methods and Sources HIST4009 Module
Monsters and Magical Beings: Medieval Lore to Pop Culture HIST7026 Module
Origins of the Climate Crisis: A Global History of the Environment HIST4016 Module
Power and Dominion: Ideologies of the West, 1650-2000 HIST4011 Module
Religion, Doubt and Secularism in Britain and America HIST7016 Module
Renaissances: Space and Society in Europe, 1400-1600 HIST7028 Module
Social Welfare in Britain HIST7009 Module
Superpowers: an International History of the Cold War HIST4008 Module
Terrorism in Context HIST7011 Module
The Early Modern State HIST5004 Module
The Faiths of the West HIST4013 Module
The History of Death and Dying in Britain 1750-1900 HIST7014 Module
The Hospital in History HIST7023 Module
The Making of Modern Britain HIST5020 Module
The Making of the American Giant, 1861-1945 HIST5014 Module
The Making of the Modern World HIST5021 Module
The Protestant Reformation and the Arts HIST7013 Module
World at War: A History of the First World War HIST4012 Module

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