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Alternative Perspectives on Challenging Behaviour EDUC7032 Module
Alternative Perspectives on Literacy Difficulties EDUC7031 Module
Children's Literature Through the Ages EDUC7040 Module
Complexity in International Education EDUC7071 Module
Contemporary Issues in Education EDUC6004 Module
Descriptions of English EDUC7011 Module
Developing an Effective Learning Environment EDUC6007 Module
Developing Literacy EDUC4001 Module
Developing MA Literacies EDUC7003 Module
Developing Mathematics EDUC4002 Module
Developing Personal Artistic Practice EDUC7034 Module
Developing Professional Roles and Identity EDUC6005 Module
Developing Reflective Practice EDUC5006 Module
Developing Skills for Learning EDUC4003 Module
Dissertation EDUC7002 Module
Dissertation EDUC6006 Module
Diversity and Achievement EDUC7005 Module
ELT Changing Methodologies EDUC7013 Module
English for Specific Purposes (Academic and Occupational) EDUC7014 Module
Equality and Diversity EDUC4004 Module
Impact of Behaviour on Learning EDUC5002 Module
Improving Outcomes for Learners with SEND EDUC7037 Module
Independent Study EDUC7009 Module
Interpreting Artist Teacher Pedagogies in the Classroom EDUC7033 Module
Introduction to Professional Learning (iPGCE) EDUC7066 Module
Introduction to SEND EDUC7063 Module
Investigating Complexity EDUC8001 Module
Investigating Professional Practice EDUC7008 Module
Language Acquisition and Development EDUC7012 Module
Leading and Coordinating Provision for SEN/D EDUC7038 Module
Leading and Managing People in Education (on-campus) EDUC7022 Module
Leading Change in Education EDUC7023 Module
Learning, Culture and Society EDUC7050 Module
Literacy Difficulties: Assessment & Intervention EDUC7036 Module
Managing Literacy Difficulties in School EDUC7035 Module
Mentoring and Pastoral Support in Education EDUC5003 Module
Mentoring in Education EDUC7021 Module
Mind and Brain EDUC7006 Module
Multilingual Learners EDUC7020 Module
Origins and Development of International Education EDUC7072 Module
Paradigms, Methodologies and Research Methods EDUC7068 Module
Preparing for Practice Based Study EDUC5004 Module
Preparing your Research Proposal EDUC7047 Module
Preparing Your Research Proposal EDUC8002 Module
Professional Knowledge and Understanding of SEND EDUC7039 Module
Psychology in the Learning Environment EDUC6008 Module
Reading for Pleasure in the Classroom EDUC7041 Module
Research 1: Paradigms EDUC7048 Module
Research 2: Methods EDUC7049 Module
Research Methods EDUC7001 Module
Research Methods EDUC6009 Module
Research Project EDUC5007 Module
Reviewing Complexity EDUC7051 Module
Supporting Individual Needs EDUC5005 Module
Technology in Learning EDUC4006 Module
The Inclusive Classroom in International Contexts EDUC7070 Module
The Inclusive Curriculum EDUC7016 Module
Theoretical Foundations of Educational Research EDUC7067 Module
Understanding How Individuals Learn and Develop EDUC4007 Module
Understanding Planning for Learning EDUC4005 Module
Writing for Academic Practice EDUC7069 Module

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