Building on the preceding taught elements concerned with methodology, methods research design and subject knowledge, this module prepares you to undertake independent research and the writing of a doctoral thesis. It includes theoretical and practical elements intended to help you focus their research efforts and to produce fully-developed research design proposals that will form the basis of your thesis work. In this transition module, central emphasis is given to exploring approaches to reviewing the literature, and the practicalities of, data gathering and analysis. A key concern here is to help you to connect up general issues and debates in the literature on research with the day-to-day realities of your own practice. To assist in establishing connections between theoretical frameworks and personal research practice, learning and teaching activities in this module will centre on the examination of your own research plans, small-scale exercises in data collection and analysis, and a consideration of general issues in the methodology literature. Attention is also given to considering the kinds of research claims that different approaches can make.

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