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Accounting for Business BMGT4025 Module
BMGT6027 Contemporary Issues in International Human Resource Management BMGT6027 Module
Business and Finance BMGT5045 Module
Business and Management Synoptic BMGT6002 Module
Business at the Cutting Edge BMGT6026 Module
Business Data Analytics BMGT7074 Module
Business Environment BMGT4028 Module
Business Ethics BMGT6024 Module
Business Governance and Human Rights BMGT6029 Module
Business in Society BMGT4009 Module
Business Intelligence BMGT7072 Module
Business Principles and Practices for Entrepreneurs BMGT7026 Module
Business Strategy BMGT7042 Module
Business Strategy for Competitive Advantage BMGT5004 Module
Coaching in the Workplace BMGT6025 Module
Contemporary Issues in Enterprise and Entrepreneurship BMGT6019 Module
Contemporary Legal Issues in Business BMGT6040 Module
Corporate and Business Law BMGT5001 Module
Creativity and Innovation BMGT5013 Module
Creativity to Insight to Action BMGT7060 Module
Critical Enquiry Research Project BMGT6021 Module
Critical Management BMGT5023 Module
Data Analysis for Managerial Decision Making BMGT7073 Module
Developing Management Capabilities BMGT5046 Module
Developing Professional Practice BMGT5026 Module
Developing Self and Others BMGT6032 Module
Developing Skills for Leadership and Employability BMGT7076 Module
Digital Business Strategy BMGT7061 Module
Dissertation BMGT7050 Module
Dissertation in Business and Management BMGT6007 Module
Enquiry Oriented Research Project BMGT6044 Module
Enterprise and Entrepreneurship BMGT5015 Module
Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Project (WBL) BMGT6018 Module
Entrepreneurial Business Management BMGT6011 Module
Entrepreneurial Theory and Practice BMGT7025 Module
Environmentally Sustainable Business BMGT5007 Module
Essential Skills for Academic Success BMGT6028 Module
Evaluating Options for Entrepreneurial Organisations BMGT5024 Module
Exploring International and Business Management BMGT4004 Module
Exploring Strategy BMGT5051 Module
Final Research Project BMGT7075 Module
Foundations of Business BMGT4001 Module
Global Business Communications BMGT4006 Module
Global Strategic Management BMGT7048 Module
Human Resource Management in Practice BMGT5047 Module
Independent Study BMGT6020 Module
Independent Study BMGT7036 Module
Independent Study in Business BMGT5008 Module
Information Systems in Organisations BMGT7062 Module
Innovation & Futures BMGT7056 Module
Innovation, Change & Organisations BMGT7064 Module
Interdisciplinary Case Study Analysis BMGT6041 Module
Interdisciplinary Dissertation in Business Management BMGT6003 Module
International Business Consultancy BMGT6016 Module
International Business in Practice: Study Trip BMGT7011 Module
International Business Law BMGT5049 Module
International Business Strategy BMGT5005 Module
International Consultancy Project BMGT7024 Module
International Management in Practice: Study Trip BMGT7037 Module
International Markets and Competition BMGT5039 Module
International Trade and Globalisation BMGT7016 Module
Introduction to Business and Management BMGT4003 Module
Introduction to People Management BMGT5017 Module
Leadership and Management BMGT7065 Module
Leadership and Management BMGT4027 Module
Leading and Managing Change BMGT6014 Module
Leading and Managing Change BMGT6036 Module
Live Client Strategic Project BMGT5040 Module
Managing Business Operations BMGT5010 Module
Managing Business Operations BMGT7043 Module
Managing Business Operations BMGT4024 Module
Managing Business Projects BMGT5011 Module
Managing Careers BMGT6009 Module
Managing International Organisations BMGT7013 Module
Managing Marketing Activities BMGT6031 Module
Managing Non-Profit Organisations BMGT5018 Module
Managing Quality and Risk BMGT6030 Module
Managing Quality and Risk BMGT6037 Module
Managing the Contemporary Organisation BMGT7032 Module
Managing Work Performance BMGT5041 Module
Methods for Enquiry BMGT7055 Module
Organisational Behaviour and Management BMGT5022 Module
Organisational Behaviour, Leadership and Change BMGT7077 Module
Personal Development BMGT4023 Module
Personal Development and Leadership BMGT7046 Module
Perspectives on International Management BMGT6015 Module
Placement BMGT5027 Module
Placement BMGT7066 Module
Placement Learning BMGT6039 Module
Planning for New Business Ventures BMGT7034 Module
Procurement and Supply Chain Management BMGT7039 Module
Project and Contract Management BMGT7019 Module
Project Management BMGT5042 Module
Purchasing and Supply Chain Management BMGT5012 Module
Research Methods BMGT5021 Module
Research Methods BMGT7021 Module
Social Enterprise & Innovation BMGT7057 Module
Social Enterprise and Social Innovation BMGT6012 Module
Stakeholder Management BMGT7069 Module
Strategic and Sustainable Logistics BMGT7040 Module
Strategic Business Simulation BMGT7030 Module
Strategic Futures, Insight and Design BMGT6035 Module
Strategic Leadership BMGT6038 Module
Strategic Management BMGT5044 Module
Strategic Management BMGT6017 Module
Strategic Planning in Practice BMGT7071 Module
Strategy BMGT7070 Module
The Entrepreneur BMGT4008 Module
The Practice of Data Analysis BMGT7078 Module
Work, Employment and Globalisation BMGT4010 Module
Work-Based Project BMGT6033 Module
Work-based Project BMGT7028 Module

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