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[Architecture] Dissertation ARCH6008 Module
Advanced Architectural Design Representation and Realisation ARCH7015 Module
Advanced Architectural Design Research ARCH7014 Module
Advanced Architectural Technology ARCH6004 Module
Advanced Digital Practice ARCH7053 Module
Advanced Low Carbon Building Technologies ARCH7029 Module
Advanced Technology for Design ARCH7007 Module
Advanced Technology for Design 1 ARCH7033 Module
Advanced Technology for Design 2 ARCH7037 Module
Advanced Technology for Design 3 ARCH7041 Module
Affordance: Practices of Social Space ARCH7048 Module
Applied Design in Architect 2 ARCH7036 Module
Applied Design in Architecture 1 ARCH7032 Module
Applied Design in Architecture 3 ARCH7040 Module
Architectural Design 1 ARCH5002 Module
Architectural Design 2 ARCH5003 Module
Architectural Design 3 ARCH6005 Module
Architectural Design 4 ARCH6007 Module
Architectural Design in Context: Introduction to Architectural Design 2 ARCH4002 Module
Architectural Representation ARCH4003 Module
Architectural Technology and Precedent ARCH5001 Module
Architecture and Society ARCH4004 Module
Architecture and the City ARCH7065 Module
Architecture and the City ARCH7019 Module
Architecture Dissertation ARCH7068 Module
Building Physics ARCH7023 Module
Building Simulation and Design in Context ARCH7031 Module
Cities, Culture and Society ARCH5005 Module
Collaborative Studio ARCH7054 Module
Contextual Theory ARCH7055 Module
Design Agency (Design Research & Representation) ARCH7058 Module
Design for Digital Manufacture and Assembly ARCH7056 Module
Design Praxis (Design Research & Representation) ARCH7059 Module
Design Studio I ARCH7013 Module
Design Studio II ARCH7010 Module
Design Studio Specialisation 1 Exploration ARCH7045 Module
Design Studio Specialisation II Design Project ARCH7046 Module
Design Variables: Technology and Experience ARCH7049 Module
Digital Culture ARCH5004 Module
Dissertation ARCH7030 Module
Dissertation – MA Interior Architecture ARCH7052 Module
Final Project: Digital Craft ARCH7057 Module
Furnitecture: Research and Design ARCH7050 Module
Independent Study ARCH7016 Module
Independent Study in Architecture ARCH5009 Module
Interior Architecture 1 ARCH5007 Module
Interior Architecture 2 ARCH5008 Module
Interior Architecture 3 ARCH6006 Module
Introduction to Architectural Design 1 ARCH4001 Module
Introduction to Architectural History and Theory ARCH4005 Module
Introductory Technology ARCH4006 Module
Issues in Architectural History and Theory ARCH5006 Module
M.Arch Dissertation/Project ARCH7017 Module
MA Dissertation - International Architecture in Regeneration ARCH7022 Module
Management Practice and Law ARCH6003 Module
Management, Practice & Law 2 ARCH7038 Module
Management, Practice and Law 1 ARCH7006 Module
Management, Practice and Law 1 ARCH7034 Module
Management, Practice and Law 2 ARCH7008 Module
Management, Practice and Law 3 ARCH7042 Module
MArch Dissertation/Project and Design Research Methods ARCH7066 Module
MArchD Work Placement Year ARCH7002 Module
Material Exploration ARCH5010 Module
Modelling and Passive Strategies ARCH7028 Module
Post Occupancy Building Evaluation ARCH7025 Module
Regeneration and Development Project ARCH7020 Module
Representation ARCH7005 Module
Research Methods and Design ARCH7027 Module
Research Methods for Design ARCH7004 Module
Research Methods for Design 1 ARCH7035 Module
Research Methods for Design 2 ARCH7039 Module
Research Methods for Design 3 ARCH7043 Module
Research-led Design I ARCH7011 Module
Research-led Design II ARCH7012 Module
Resilient Urbanism ARCH7044 Module
Social Space: Research and Design ARCH7051 Module
Spatial Qualities: History and Theory ARCH7047 Module
Technical Design ARCH6001 Module
Technical Design ARCH6009 Module
The Sustainable Built Environment: A Bioregional Approach ARCH7024 Module
Urban Cultures ARCH7018 Module
Urban Cultures ARCH7064 Module
Vernacular Architecture, Sustainability and Development ARCH7001 Module

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