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Broadening the Curriculum through Performing Arts PTE5005 Module
Child Development and Learning PTE4007 Module
Critical Analysis of Educational Research PTE5007 Module
Curriculum Design Through Thematic Planning PTE6002 Module
Developing the Mathematics Curriculum PTE5003 Module
Dissertation PTE6011 Module
Enquiring in the Humanities PTE5004 Module
Enrichment of Learning: Health and Well-Being PTE6004 Module
Enrichment of Learning: Inclusion PTE6003 Module
Enrichment of Learning: Mathematics PTE6007 Module
Enrichment of Learning: Science PTE6008 Module
Enrichment of Learning: Storytelling PTE6006 Module
Extending Mathematical Understanding and Pedagogy PTE6010 Module
Extending Professional Practice PTE6009 Module
Inclusive Pedagogy PTE5008 Module
Independent Study in Education and Employability PTE5009 Module
Introducing Professional Practice PTE4008 Module
Introduction to Educational Research PTE4006 Module
Literature in the Primary School PTE6001 Module
Primary English: Teaching Reading across KS 1 and 2. PTE4004 Module
Primary English: Teaching Writing in Key Stage 1 and 2 PTE5002 Module
School Based Training 2 PTE5006 Module
School Based Training 3 PTE6005 Module
Science and Technology in the Primary Curriculum PTE5001 Module
The Broader Curriculum: Humanities, DT and the Arts PTE4001 Module
Thinking Mathematically and being Mathematical PTE4003 Module
Thinking, Talking and Doing Science PTE4005 Module
Understanding Pedagogical Approaches PTE4002 Module

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