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School-based Training 2 is a practical module, which builds on from School-based Training 1 and facilitates the trainee’s progression towards competence as a primary classroom practitioner and meeting the Standards for QTS. This module has direct links to and with Critical Analysis of Educational Research. School-based Training 2 is often a paired placement. In this practical, formally assessed module trainees will have the opportunity to : observe experienced specialist teachers to gain an insight into specialist areas of the curriculum e.g. inclusion and the planning, teaching and assessment required for children identified within these groups; begin to implement teaching strategies to meet the needs of children within the trainee’s specialist area; implement and practise skills to further develop knowledge and understanding of effective planning, teaching, assessing, classroom and behaviour management and working relationships within the primary classroom; further develop purposeful, professional and collaborative relationships with their teaching partner and school staff. In order for trainees to meet the Standards for the Award of QTS, they must demonstrate competence in the Standards as defined in ‘Professional Standards for Teachers; Qualified Teacher Status’ (TDA 2007). Trainee’s progress in moving towards meeting these Standards can be tracked from the beginning of Phase 1 to Phase 3, through school-based and university training and education. The outcomes listed below represent, in some cases, clusters of these Standards, which are specified in more detail in the School-based Training 2a Pathway Placement and School-based Training 2b Handbooks and Assessment Criteria.

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