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Academic and Research Enhancement SPOR4022 Module
Academic and Research Literacy SPOR4005 Module
Advanced Coaching Practice SPOR6003 Module
Advanced Coaching Practice SPOR6017 Module
Advanced Fitness Assessment and Training SPOR5029 Module
Advanced Practice in Sport and Exercise Psychology SPOR6001 Module
Advanced Rehabilitation Techniques and Processes SPOR6015 Module
Advanced Social Theory in Sport, Coaching and PE SPOR6002 Module
Alpine Fieldwork in Exercise Science SPOR5037 Module
Alpine Fieldwork in Exercise Science SPOR6011 Module
An Introduction to the Sociology of Sport SPOR4004 Module
Anatomy for Sport and Exercise SPOR4010 Module
Applied Physiology SPOR5026 Module
Applied Practice in Sport and Exercise Science (Honours Component) SPOR6012 Module
Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology SPOR5012 Module
Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology SPOR5005 Module
Biomechanical Analysis SPOR4025 Module
Business Skills for Sport Practitioners SPOR5031 Module
Clinical Populations and Rehabilitation SPOR6004 Module
Coaching: Practice to Theory 1 SPOR4018 Module
Coaching: Practice to Theory 1 SPOR4002 Module
Coaching: Practice to Theory 2 SPOR5003 Module
Coaching: Practice to Theory 2 SPOR5021 Module
Coaching: Theory to Practice SPOR4027 Module
Determinants of Health SPOR5017 Module
Developing Critical Skills for Learning SPOR5032 Module
Developing Skills for Learning SPOR4030 Module
Dissertation SPOR6018 Module
Dissertation (Sport, Coaching and PE) SPOR6008 Module
Effective Coaching Practice SPOR4008 Module
Effective Coaching Practice SPOR4021 Module
Enhancing Physical Activity Across the Lifespan SPOR5016 Module
Exercise Physiology & Anatomy SPOR4014 Module
Exercise Physiology and Anatomy SPOR4023 Module
Exercise Prescription for Clinical Populations SPOR5018 Module
Fitness and Assessment SPOR4012 Module
Fitness Assessment and Training SPOR4024 Module
Global & Cultural Studies in Sport SPOR5023 Module
Global and Cultural Studies in Sport SPOR5001 Module
Health Promotion and Behaviour Change SPOR4013 Module
Human Movement and Skill in Sport SPOR4003 Module
Independent Study 1 SPOR5007 Module
Independent Study 2 SPOR6006 Module
Integrated Approaches to Training and Performance SPOR6016 Module
Interdisciplinary Dissertation SPOR6007 Module
Introduction to Biomechanics SPOR4011 Module
Introduction to Sport and Exercise Psychology SPOR4029 Module
Introduction to Sports Nutrition SPOR4019 Module
Introduction to the Psychology of Sport and Exercise SPOR4009 Module
Introduction to the Sociology of Sport SPOR4017 Module
Laboratory Techniques in Sport & Exercise SPOR5008 Module
Measurement & Meaning SPOR4020 Module
Motivating Health Behaviour SPOR5022 Module
Motivating Health Behaviour SPOR5035 Module
Pedagogic Practice in Coaching and Physical Education SPOR5036 Module
Performance Analysis SPOR5013 Module
Physical Activity and Health SPOR5009 Module
Physiology for Human Movement SPOR4006 Module
Principles of Training SPOR5025 Module
Principles of Training for Sport and Exercise SPOR5004 Module
Professional Practice in Sport Coaching SPOR5034 Module
Professional Practice in Sport, Coaching and PE SPOR5002 Module
Public Health Policy SPOR6014 Module
Research Methods SPOR5011 Module
Research Methods in Sports and Coaching Education SPOR5027 Module
Skill in Sport SPOR4016 Module
Sport and Exercise Biomechanics SPOR5010 Module
Sport and Exercise Biomechanics SPOR5024 Module
Sport and Exercise Nutrition SPOR6009 Module
Sport and Exercise Nutrition SPOR4028 Module
Sport Pedagogy SPOR4001 Module
Sports Development SPOR5006 Module
Sports Development SPOR5019 Module
Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation SPOR4026 Module
Sports Massage SPOR5030 Module
Sports Psychology SPOR5020 Module
Strength and Conditioning for Sport and Health SPOR6005 Module
Talent Identification and Development SPOR5014 Module
The Action Researcher 1 SPOR7004 Module
The Action Researcher 2 SPOR7008 Module
The Critical Pedagogue SPOR7001 Module
The Learning Designer SPOR7003 Module
The Orchestrator SPOR7002 Module
The Performance Practitioner SPOR7005 Module
The Programme Lead SPOR7007 Module
The Rehabilitation Process SPOR5028 Module
The Sport Scientist SPOR7006 Module
The Sports and Exercise Practitioner SPOR4007 Module
The Sports Practitioner SPOR4015 Module
Work Based Learning SPOR5033 Module
Work Experience SPOR5015 Module

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