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Cities and Society PLAN6010 Module
Contemporary Debates PLAN6007 Module
Contemporary Issues in Planning Law, Practice and Research PLAN7002 Module
Contemporary Issues in Planning Practice and Research PLAN7009 Module
Delivering Sustainable Futures PLAN7008 Module
Designing the City PLAN5013 Module
Designing the City and GIS PLAN5018 Module
Development Delivery: Planning and Viability PLAN6017 Module
Development Economics, Management and Finance PLAN7001 Module
Development Viability and Finance PLAN6015 Module
Dissertation PLAN7021 Module
Environmental Decision Making PLAN5003 Module
Environmental Sustainability PLAN4003 Module
Foundation Development Law PLAN4014 Module
Frameworks for Planning: Law, Policy and Professional Practice PLAN7022 Module
Geographical Information Systems PLAN5005 Module
Housing Matters PLAN4013 Module
Implementation Project PLAN7004 Module
Independent Study PLAN7012 Module
Independent Study in Planning PLAN6011 Module
Integrative Project PLAN5016 Module
Introduction to Building Construction and Practice PLAN4009 Module
Local Planning and Development Control PLAN6001 Module
Mediating Change: Governance, Politics and Social Actors PLAN5008 Module
MSc Dissertation - Planning PLAN7013 Module
Place Making PLAN7018 Module
Place Making PLAN7007 Module
Plan and Policy Making PLAN5009 Module
Planning for Sustainable Futures: Environment, Health and Society PLAN7017 Module
Planning Frameworks: Law, Policy and Professional Practice PLAN7016 Module
Planning Practice Project PLAN7015 Module
Planning Practice: Skills, Behaviours and Professional Development PLAN7023 Module
Professional Practice PLAN6008 Module
Project Management for Development PLAN6018 Module
Property and Planning Placement PLAN5019 Module
Property Law for Developers PLAN5017 Module
Redevelopment and Regeneration PLAN6016 Module
Regional & Strategic Planning PLAN6003 Module
Research Data PLAN5006 Module
Research Design PLAN5007 Module
Research Methods PLAN7020 Module
Research Methods PLAN7010 Module
Research Methods PLAN6005 Module
Research Project PLAN6013 Module
Research Project PLAN7024 Module
Research Project PLAN6012 Module
Research Seminars PLAN7003 Module
Spatial Planning in Action PLAN7006 Module
Spatial Planning in Context PLAN7005 Module
Sport and the Modern City PLAN5001 Module
Sustainable Development and Professional Practice PLAN4012 Module
Transport and Society PLAN5014 Module
Urban Design and Development PLAN6002 Module
Urban Development Processes and Finance PLAN5002 Module
Urban Diversity: People, Society and Space PLAN4005 Module
Urban Lab 1 PLAN4006 Module
Urban Lab 2: architecture and open space design PLAN4008 Module
Urban Lab 3: Urban Regeneration and Conservation PLAN5010 Module
Urban Lab 4: Urban Design Masterplanning PLAN5012 Module
Urban Lab 5: Global City Design PLAN6006 Module
Urban Regeneration and Historic Conservation PLAN7019 Module
Valuation for Developers PLAN5020 Module

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