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Business Analytics for Hospitality and Tourism HOTO6009 Module
Business Planning for Innovation in Hospitality & Tourism HOTO6010 Module
Context of International Tourism HOTO4006 Module
Corporate Risk Governance HOTO7007 Module
Dark Tourism HOTO7032 Module
Digital Marketing and Consumer Experience HOTO7028 Module
Dissertation HOTO7013 Module
eMarketing for Service Industries HOTO5002 Module
Employability Skills for Hospitality & Tourism HOTO4011 Module
Entrepreneurship and Creativity in Hospitality and Tourism HOTO6001 Module
Evaluating Organisational Practice HOTO5014 Module
Evaluating Professional Practice HOTO5003 Module
Events HOTO7017 Module
Festival & Cultural Events Management HOTO5004 Module
Financial Decision Making for Hospitality and Tourism HOTO6002 Module
Financial Management in Hospitality & Tourism HOTO5001 Module
Food, Drink and Culture HOTO6011 Module
Global Event Operations HOTO7029 Module
Hospitality Operations Management HOTO7009 Module
Independent Study HOTO7011 Module
International Business Strategies in Hospitality & Tourism HOTO6004 Module
Leadership & Professional Development HOTO6005 Module
Management in International Hospitality and Tourism HOTO4001 Module
Management of Food and Beverage Operations HOTO4009 Module
Management of Lodging Operations HOTO4010 Module
Managing People Across Cultures HOTO7002 Module
Marketing Across Cultures HOTO7003 Module
Mentoring & Leadership Development HOTO7016 Module
Mentoring and Professional Development HOTO7026 Module
Operational Finance for Hospitality and Tourism HOTO4003 Module
Optimising Hospitality Operations HOTO6012 Module
People Management in Hospitality & Tourism HOTO5007 Module
Personal & Professional Development HOTO4004 Module
Planning and Delivering the Sustainable Event HOTO7031 Module
Professional Development (48 weeks) HOTO7021 Module
Research Methods in Hospitality, Events and Tourism HOTO7027 Module
Research Project HOTO6006 Module
Revenue Management HOTO7018 Module
Revenue Management & Pricing HOTO5008 Module
Strategic Financial Management HOTO7001 Module
Supervised Work Experience Year HOTO4005 Module
Tourism Consultancy Project HOTO7015 Module
Tourism Digital Distributions Strategies HOTO7004 Module
Tourism Hospitality and Events Synthesis HOTO7010 Module
Tourism Impact Analysis HOTO6008 Module
Tourism Innovation and Entrepreneurship HOTO7019 Module
Tourism Product Development HOTO5015 Module
Tourist Behaviour HOTO5011 Module
Tourist Consumer Behaviour and Marketing HOTO7014 Module

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