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Advanced Analogue Electronics ENGR6016 Module
Advanced CAD/CAM ENGR6002 Module
Advanced Chassis Engineering ENGR7015 Module
Advanced Control ENGR6024 Module
Advanced Digital Electronics ENGR6015 Module
Advanced Dynamics and NVH ENGR6003 Module
Advanced Electronic Systems ENGR6030 Module
Advanced Mechanical Design II ENGR7014 Module
Advanced Mechanical Engineering Design I ENGR7013 Module
Advanced Powertrain Engineering ENGR7005 Module
Advanced Strength of Components ENGR7012 Module
Advanced Stress Analysis ENGR6006 Module
Advanced Vehicle Aerodynamics ENGR7006 Module
Automotive Engines ENGR6009 Module
Basic Electrical Engineering ENGR4035 Module
Basic Electronic Engineering Principles ENGR3003 Module
Basic Mechanical Engineering Principles ENGR3002 Module
Basic Mechanical Engineering Technology ENGR4011 Module
Basic Stress Analysis ENGR4010 Module
Basic Thermodynamics ENGR4007 Module
Chassis Dynamics & Competition Vehicle Preparation ENGR5040 Module
Computer Aided Engineering ENGR5016 Module
Control Technology ENGR5051 Module
Data Acquisition Systems and Computational Modelling ENGR7024 Module
Design and Practice II ENGR5002 Module
Design of Machines ENGR6005 Module
Electric Powertrain Systems ENGR7031 Module
Electric Vehicles ENGR7025 Module
Electrical Machines & Drives ENGR5014 Module
Electrical Power Systems ENGR5015 Module
Electronic Systems ENGR5052 Module
Electronics and Control Engineering I ENGR5056 Module
Engineering Applications ENGR3004 Module
Engineering Business Management ENGR7009 Module
Engineering Design and Practice I ENGR4003 Module
Engineering Dynamics ENGR5054 Module
Engineering Mathematics and Modelling ENGR5005 Module
Engineering Project ENGR6013 Module
Engineering Reliability and Risk Management ENGR7010 Module
Engineering Simulation, Synthesis and Design ENGR5013 Module
Fault Diagnosis and Condition Monitoring ENGR6031 Module
Foundation Engineering Mathematics ENGR3005 Module
Fundamentals and Applications of Technology ENGR3001 Module
Group Design Project ENGR7011 Module
Group Design Study ENGR6011 Module
IEng Mathematics and Modelling ENGR4005 Module
Industrial Placement Project ENGR7018 Module
Industrial Power System Design ENGR6028 Module
Introduction to Engineering Thermo Fluid Dynamics ENGR4002 Module
Introduction to Mathematics for Engineers ENGR4001 Module
Introduction to Statics and Dynamics ENGR4009 Module
Introduction to stress analysis ENGR4008 Module
Laptime Simulation and Race Engineering ENGR7008 Module
Lean Manufacture ENGR6032 Module
Management, Reliability, Energy and Sustainability ENGR6001 Module
Materials Engineering ENGR5003 Module
Mathematics II ENGR5032 Module
Motorsport Engine Technology ENGR6012 Module
Motorsport Fluid Dynamics ENGR5033 Module
Motorsport Vehicle Performance ENGR6014 Module
MSc Dissertation ENGR7019 Module
Noise, Vibration and Harshness ENGR7003 Module
Professional Placement ENGR5053 Module
Quality Improvement Techniques ENGR6033 Module
Racing Engine Design ENGR7016 Module
Racing Engine Systems - Systems and Integration ENGR7030 Module
Racing Engine Systems - Thermal ENGR7029 Module
Real-time Embedded Robotics Systems ENGR7023 Module
Sensors and Data Logging ENGR6026 Module
Sensors, Actuators, Programming ENGR4017 Module
Simulation of Thermal Systems ENGR5006 Module
Stress Analysis ENGR5055 Module
Sustainable Engineering ENGR6007 Module
Thermo-Fluids ENGR5001 Module
Vehicle Aerodynamics ENGR6008 Module
Vehicle Crash Design ENGR6004 Module
Vehicle Crash Engineering ENGR7004 Module
Vehicle Dynamics ENGR6010 Module
Vehicle Electronics & Microprocessors ENGR5037 Module
Work Based Project ENGR5038 Module

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