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Academic and Professional Publishing PUBL7003 Module
Children's and YA Publishing PUBL7014 Module
Children’s and Young Adults Publishing PUBL7032 Module
Craft of Storytelling PUBL7027 Module
Culture of Publishing PUBL7022 Module
Cultures of equity, diversity and inclusion PUBL7009 Module
Data-driven Marketing for Publ PUBL7028 Module
Digital Production and Workflow Management PUBL7017 Module
Digital Publishing Strategy PUBL7007 Module
Digital Workflow PUBL7004 Module
Dissertation PUBL7011 Module
Dissertation or Major Project PUBL7034 Module
Editorial Management PUBL7005 Module
Editorial Management, Functions and Strategies PUBL7018 Module
Fiction and Non-fiction publishing PUBL7002 Module
Independent Study PUBL7021 Module
Independent Study PUBL7010 Module
International Management of Publishing and Rights PUBL7020 Module
Management of Journals PUBL7023 Module
Marketing PUBL7006 Module
Marketing and Sales Management for Publishing PUBL7016 Module
Multi-Platform Publishing PUBL7013 Module
Publishing & Product Innovation PUBL7033 Module
Publishing Major Project PUBL7012 Module
Rights Management PUBL7008 Module

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