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Dissertation in Film Studies FILM6007 Module
Dissertation in Film Studies FILM7008 Module
Film Form and Technical Skills FILM4004 Module
Film History FILM4003 Module
Film Narrative: Principles of Screenwriting FILM4006 Module
Film Production, Management and Practice FILM5003 Module
Film Project FILM6001 Module
Film Styles: Classicism, Art Cinema and Beyond FILM5010 Module
Film Theory: Critical Approaches to Film FILM6005 Module
Gender Performance in Film FILM7009 Module
Independent Study FILM7006 Module
Independent Study in Film Studies FILM5012 Module
Interdisciplinary Dissertation in Film Studies FILM6006 Module
Issues in World Cinema FILM5009 Module
Key Issues in Film Studies I FILM4001 Module
Narration in Classical Hollywood Cinema FILM7007 Module
Popular Cinema FILM4005 Module
Popular Cinema in East Asia FILM7005 Module
Popular European Cinema FILM7002 Module
Professional Film Cultures FILM7003 Module
Research and Film Studies FILM4007 Module
Research Methods in Film FILM7001 Module
Screenwriting: Advanced Level FILM5002 Module
Stars and Audiences FILM5005 Module
Story Development FILM7004 Module
The Film Industry FILM4002 Module
Thinking Film 5: Digital Research Methods FILM5015 Module
Thinking Film 8: Global Cinema and TV FILM6011 Module
Working in Film 3: Festivals, Cinemas and New Media FILM5016 Module
Working in Film 4: Independent Filmmakers FILM5017 Module
Working in Film 5: Creative Industries FILM6010 Module

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