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Advanced Genetics & Genomics BIOL6011 Module
Advanced Topics in Cell Biology BIOL6001 Module
Advanced Topics in Wildlife Conservation BIOL6008 Module
Animal Behaviour BIOL5022 Module
Animal Neurobiology and Behaviour BIOL6012 Module
Biodiversity BIOL4001 Module
Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services BIOL7004 Module
Biology of Cells BIOL4002 Module
Career Development BIOL5001 Module
Career Development and Research Skills BIOL7013 Module
Chemical Principles and the Environment BIOL4007 Module
Communicating Science BIOL4013 Module
Data Science and Bioinformatics BIOL5017 Module
Developmental Biology BIOL5016 Module
Ecology for Conservation BIOL7002 Module
Ecosystem Degradation and Management BIOL7014 Module
Enterprise Skills for Life Scientists BIOL6003 Module
Environment-Biosphere Interactions BIOL5024 Module
Environmental Change BIOL5025 Module
Environmental Change BIOL6015 Module
Environmental Consultancy BIOL6007 Module
Evolution and Animal Development BIOL6005 Module
Field Course: Identification and Methodology BIOL4008 Module
Field Course: Surveys and Licensing BIOL5012 Module
Foundation Academic Skills BIOL3004 Module
Foundation Biological Sciences BIOL3001 Module
Foundation Chemistry BIOL3002 Module
Foundation Mathematics BIOL3003 Module
Genetics BIOL5015 Module
Global Issues in Conservation: A Sustainability Mind-set BIOL4015 Module
Independent Study BIOL7005 Module
Independent Study in Life Sciences BIOL6009 Module
International Legislation, Humans and Wildlife BIOL7003 Module
Interpreting Ecological and Environmental Complexity BIOL6014 Module
Interrogating Genomes BIOL5002 Module
Molecular Biology BIOL5014 Module
Plant Science BIOL5005 Module
Professional Skills & Techniques BIOL6010 Module
Quantitative Skills for Life Sciences BIOL4014 Module
Research Methods for Biology and Environmental Sciences BIOL5013 Module
Research Practice BIOL7012 Module
Research Project BIOL7006 Module
Science and Humanity BIOL6004 Module
Science by Number BIOL4010 Module
Science in Practice: Current topics in Biology & Env Science BIOL4009 Module
Taxonomy and Identification BIOL7001 Module
The Context of the Cell BIOL5018 Module
The Practicing Scientist BIOL4004 Module
Threatened Species BIOL5023 Module
Work Experience BIOL5021 Module
Work Experience BIOL6013 Module

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