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Advanced Legal Research Methods LAW7040 Module
Advanced Legal Research Methods LAW7049 Module
Advanced Legal Skills LAW5005 Module
Advanced Legal Skills LAW5015 Module
Commercial Law LAW5014 Module
Commercial Law HK101 Module
Commercial Law LAW6033 Module
Communication Skills for Lawyers LAW5012 Module
Communication Skills for Lawyers LAW4010 Module
Company Law / Business Associations LAW6007 Module
Company Law for Sustainability LAW5023 Module
Company Law/Business Associations LAW5003 Module
Computer Law and Intellectual Property LAW6012 Module
Contemporary Issues in Human Rights LAW7051 Module
Contract Law HK002 Module
Contract Law LAW4004 Module
Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility LAW7016 Module
Crime and Society LAW6020 Module
Criminal Advocacy LAW3007 Module
Criminal Evidence LAW5011 Module
Criminal Law LAW6027 Module
Criminal Law HK008 Module
Criminal Law LAW5016 Module
Criminal Law LAW4009 Module
Criminal Law LAW6011 Module
Dissertation LAW7048 Module
Dissertation (LLM) LAW7041 Module
Employment Law LAW5010 Module
English Legal System and Induction Course HK001 Module
English Legal System and Induction Course LAW5001 Module
Environmental Law LAW5022 Module
Equality Law LAW6006 Module
Equity and Trusts LAW6013 Module
Equity and Trusts Law LAW6031 Module
Equity and Trusts Law HK007 Module
European Union Law LAW5017 Module
European Union Law LAW6026 Module
European Union Law LAW5027 Module
European Union Law LAW6018 Module
European Union Law HK005 Module
Family Law LAW6017 Module
Independent Study 2 LAW7052 Module
Independent Study Module LAW6014 Module
International Economic Law LAW7013 Module
International Economic Law LAW7012 Module
International Environmental Law, Globalisation, Development and Justice LAW7050 Module
International Human Rights Law LAW6002 Module
International Human Rights: Law and Institutions LAW7004 Module
International Human Rights: Law and Practice LAW7017 Module
International Investment Law LAW7011 Module
International Law LAW5021 Module
International Law LAW7001 Module
International Law LAW5004 Module
International Study Exchange LAW6034 Module
International Trade Law LAW6016 Module
Introduction to Constitutional Law and Essay Writing LAW3004 Module
Introduction to Law LAW4001 Module
Introduction to Law LAW3008 Module
Land Law LAW5013 Module
Land Law LAW6025 Module
Land Law HK006 Module
Law Dissertation LAW6022 Module
Law in Action LAW6021 Module
Law of International Business Transactions LAW7007 Module
Legal Method LAW4002 Module
Legal Research Project LAW6028 Module
Legal Theory and Critique LAW6009 Module
Marriage, Cohabitation and the Law LAW5002 Module
Medical Law LAW6008 Module
Nationality, Immigration and Asylum LAW6003 Module
Parents, Children and the State LAW6032 Module
Principles of Contract Law and Problem Solving LAW3005 Module
Principles of the Criminal Law and Reading Cases LAW3002 Module
Public Law HK004 Module
Public Law LAW4005 Module
Public Law LAW6024 Module
Research Project LAW3006 Module
Research Skills LAW3003 Module
Study Skills LAW3001 Module
The Law of Contract LAW6030 Module
The Law of Tort LAW6029 Module
Theory of Human Rights LAW7047 Module
Tort LAW4003 Module
Tort LAW5020 Module
Tort Law LAW5006 Module
Tort Law HK003 Module
Tort Law for Business LAW5024 Module
Understanding Criminal Justice LAW6019 Module
Understanding Criminal Justice LAW5019 Module
Understanding Criminal Justice LAW5007 Module

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