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Advanced Research Design HESC7016 Module
Applied Social Science for Health and Social Care HESC4001 Module
Applied Social Science For Health And Social Care Professionals HESC4018 Module
Applying Evidence to Practice HESC5023 Module
Applying Evidence to Practice HESC5034 Module
Biological Basis of Human Behaviour HESC5013 Module
Clinical & Professional Leadership in Health & Social Care HESC6012 Module
Coaching and Mentoring in HSC HESC7035 Module
Contemporary Issues in Health and Social Care HESC7014 Module
Developing Person Centred Care HESC4005 Module
Dissertation HESC7020 Module
Dissertation HESC6010 Module
Evidence Based Practice HESC7013 Module
Examination of the Newborn HESC7031 Module
Facilitating Workplace Learning HESC5016 Module
Facilitating Workplace Learning HESC6016 Module
Facilitating Workplace Learning HESC6015 Module
Finance in Health & Social Care HESC7008 Module
Independent Study HESC7001 Module
Independent Study HESC7019 Module
Independent Study (Practice Orientated) HESC7002 Module
Leadership in Health and Social Care HESC7011 Module
Legal & Ethical Issues in Mental Health (Hons) HESC6004 Module
Legal and Ethical Aspects of Care HESC5035 Module
Life Sciences for Health Care Professionals HESC4003 Module
Mastering Professional Practice HESC7012 Module
Nursing Management: Nursing Consolidation Shared Pathway HESC6001 Module
Operational Management in Health and Social Care HESC7006 Module
Partnerships 2: Developing Effective Working Practices HESC5001 Module
Partnerships 3: Managing Collaboration (Honours) HESC6003 Module
Practice Educator Professional Standards Stage 1 HESC7033 Module
Practice Educator Professional Standards Stage 2 HESC7034 Module
Professional Practice Experience 6: Shared Nursing Pathways HESC5007 Module
Professional Practice Experience 7: Shared Nursing Pathways HESC5008 Module
Professional Practice Experience 8: Shared Nursing Pathways HESC5010 Module
Quality and Clinical Governance HESC6018 Module
Research Awareness and Critical Appraisal HESC5011 Module
Research Design: Research methodology, design and methods HESC6009 Module
Research Methods and Analysis HESC5012 Module
Science for Health and Social Care HESC4014 Module
Social Policy and Welfare Systems HESC5032 Module
Specialist Care Skills – Therapeutic Caring 2 HESC5031 Module
Specialist Care Skills: Therapeutic Caring 1 HESC4015 Module
Study Skills for Foundation Degree HESC4016 Module
Study Skills for Health and Social Care HESC6027 Module
Work Based Learning 1 HESC4017 Module
Work Based Learning 2 HESC4019 Module
Work Based Learning 3 HESC5033 Module
Work Based Learning 4 HESC5036 Module
Work Based Learning for Health and Social Care 4 HESC5025 Module
Work Based Learning II HESC6013 Module
Work-based Learning HESC7021 Module
Work-based Learning HESC7017 Module
Work-based Learning HESC7018 Module
Work-Based Learning I HESC6011 Module
Work-Based Learning III HESC6014 Module

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