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This module will give you the opportunity to build on existing knowledge and professional experience and study, in-depth, an aspect of health care pertinent to children, young people, adults and families' health care practice. Successful completion of your project will require you demonstrate the ability to work independently, to identify a topic and plan a project related to it. You will be expected to demonstrate skills of critical thinking and analysis with some synthesis through which you are able to achieve new personal and professional learning, which can be used to inform your own and others practice. Your project may be carried out singly or you may choose to work in a pair or a group. Should you choose a group project this will involve negotiating an overall plan and method of assessment, accessing the relevant resources to complete the study and presenting information in a way that demonstrates individual learning. You may choose to support you learning by attending taught content from other clinical modules .An identified supervisor or supervisors will be involved in agreeing your proposal and s/he will facilitate your work. The form of and criteria for assessment will also be negotiated with your supervisor. The assessment criteria used must be commensurate with the level of study i.e. criteria should be appropriate for level 7 work. Formal approval for your proposed study is obtained from your field's module leader.

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