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This module aims to equip students with skills to find, appraise and utilise research, as well as plan and design a piece of research work. It seeks to prepare students to define a suitable research question and to use this as a basis for identifying appropriate research methodologies for a small-scale research project or dissertation. This module is designed to impart the skills to enable students to plan and outline a rationale for a piece of primary research, secondary analysis, literature review or audit. It focuses on research as part of a body of evidence used for health and social care practice, and provides an overview of methodologies and methods commonly used in health and social care policies and working environments.

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HESC7016 Advanced Research Design Semester 1 and 2 19/01/2021 09:24:43
HESC7016 Advanced Research Design Oxford Health students Semester 1 15/10/2021 14:11:07