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Advances in Medical Genetics BIOS7007 Module
Anatomy and Physiology of Human Organs BIOS4012 Module
Biochemistry and Organic Chemistry BIOS4014 Module
Biochemistry of Cell Function BIOS5003 Module
Biomedical Laboratory Placement BIOS5009 Module
Career Development and Research Skills BIOS7003 Module
Cellular Pathology BIOS5006 Module
Cellular Pathology BIOS5017 Module
Clinical Biochemistry BIOS6011 Module
Clinical Biochemistry BIOS6014 Module
Clinical Biochemistry and Pharmacology BIOS6002 Module
Clinical Genetics and Diagnostics BIOS7006 Module
Clinical Pharmacology BIOS6012 Module
Data Analysis BIOS5015 Module
Evidence Based Medicine and Diagnostics BIOS6018 Module
Evidence Based Medicine and Diagnostics BIOS6008 Module
Functional Genomics and Research Skills BIOS7005 Module
Genetics BIOS5012 Module
Genome Science BIOS7002 Module
Genomic Medicine BIOS6003 Module
Haematology and Immunology BIOS5005 Module
Haematology and Immunology BIOS5018 Module
Human Structure and Function BIOS4001 Module
Industrial Experience BIOS5007 Module
Infection, Immunity and Immunology BIOS6004 Module
Integrated Physiology BIOS5010 Module
Introduction to Biochemistry A BIOS4006 Module
Introduction to Biochemistry B BIOS4007 Module
Introduction to Health Informatics and Bioinformatics BIOS4015 Module
Major Project BIOS6013 Module
Microbiology BIOS5014 Module
Microbiology BIOS5004 Module
Molecular Basis of Human Genetic Disease BIOS7004 Module
Molecular Biology BIOS5011 Module
Molecular Biology BIOS7001 Module
Molecular Biology and Genetics 2 BIOS5016 Module
Molecular Biology of Cancer BIOS6006 Module
Molecular Biology of Cancer BIOS6017 Module
Molecular Medicine BIOS6019 Module
Molecular Medicine BIOS6007 Module
Neuroscience BIOS6009 Module
Pathophysiology BIOS6001 Module
Pharmacology BIOS6015 Module
Professional and Experimental Skills BIOS4005 Module
Professional Skills in Applied Bioscience BIOS5019 Module
Project BIOS6010 Module
Research Methods BIOS4008 Module
Research Methods for Healthcare Sciences BIOS5002 Module
Research Project BIOS7009 Module
Scientific Skills BIOS4004 Module
Special Study in Life Sciences BIOS5008 Module
Work Experience BIOS4009 Module
Work-based Project BIOS5013 Module

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