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Accounting and Financial Information ACFI4004 Module
Accounting Information Systems ACFI5006 Module
Accounting Synoptic ACFI6013 Module
Advanced Accounting and Finance Project ACFI7004 Module
Advanced Audit and Assurance ACFI7031 Module
Advanced Performance Management ACFI7030 Module
Applied Audit and Assurance ACFI6016 Module
Applied Financial Skills ACFI5013 Module
Audit and Assurance ACFI7010 Module
Business Accounting Systems ACFI4012 Module
Business and Finance Synoptic ACFI6015 Module
Business Aspects of Management Accounting ACFI6009 Module
Business Concepts & Skills ACFI6002 Module
Business Intelligence and Decision Making ACFI6005 Module
Business Taxation ACFI6017 Module
Corporate Finance ACFI5007 Module
Corporate Finance Concepts ACFI7009 Module
Corporate Governance ACFI7017 Module
Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility ACFI7019 Module
Corporate Social Responsibility ACFI7018 Module
Digital Technology and Maths for Business ACFI4003 Module
Dissertation in Accounting ACFI6014 Module
E-business ACFI5008 Module
Essential Information Skills ACFI4001 Module
Finance and Accounting for Business ACFI6004 Module
Finance in Context ACFI7011 Module
Finance Research Project ACFI7015 Module
Financial Accounting ACFI7006 Module
Financial Accounting and Reporting ACFI7002 Module
Financial Accounting and Reporting ACFI5009 Module
Financial Accounting Theory ACFI6008 Module
Financial Markets and Institutions ACFI7012 Module
Financial Modelling A ACFI7016 Module
Financial Reporting ACFI7008 Module
International Finance ACFI7013 Module
Introduction to Accounting ACFI4002 Module
Introduction to Accounting 2 ACFI4005 Module
Introduction to Auditing Theory and Practice ACFI5018 Module
Management Accounting ACFI5001 Module
Management Information Systems ACFI5011 Module
Managerial Accounting ACFI7005 Module
Managerial Accounting and Performance Management ACFI7001 Module
Performance Management ACFI7007 Module
Personal and Professional Development ACFI5017 Module
Personal Taxation ACFI5004 Module
Professional and Digital Skills ACFI7026 Module
Quantitative Methods for Finance ACFI7027 Module
Raising Individual Financial Awareness ACFI4006 Module
Research in Accounting ACFI5014 Module
Research Methods ACFI7003 Module
Strategic Business Leader ACFI7029 Module
Strategic Business Reporting ACFI7028 Module
The Developing Business ACFI6007 Module
Using Accounting and Financial Information ACFI4010 Module

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