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Advanced Corporate Real Estate ESTM6017 Module
Advanced Development ESTM6018 Module
Advanced Valuation ESTM6002 Module
Applied Valuation ESTM6009 Module
Building Design & Appraisal ESTM5010 Module
Commercial and Residential Development ESTM6001 Module
Corporate Real Estate ESTM6008 Module
Development Appraisal & Funding ESTM6011 Module
Development Process & Appraisal ESTM6016 Module
Development Process and Planning ESTM5017 Module
Dissertation ESTM6007 Module
Dissertation/Applied Project ESTM6014 Module
Economics of Built Environment ESTM4001 Module
ESG and the Built Environment ESTM6021 Module
Foundation Real Estate Law 1 ESTM4004 Module
Foundation Real Estate Law 2 ESTM4005 Module
Integrative Project I ESTM4006 Module
Integrative Project II ESTM5003 Module
Integrative Project Portfolio 2 ESTM5015 Module
Integrative Project Portfolio of Workplace Learning (Part 3) ESTM5018 Module
Integrative Project Portfolio of Workplace Learning (Part 4) ESTM6013 Module
Introduction to Building Design and Appraisal ESTM4008 Module
Introduction to Land-Use Planning ESTM4017 Module
Introduction to Property Management ESTM4010 Module
Introduction to property, management and professional practice ESTM4007 Module
Introduction to Spatial Planning ESTM4002 Module
Introduction to Valuation ESTM4003 Module
Land Law ESTM5006 Module
Land Law ESTM5013 Module
Landlord & Tenant Law ESTM5014 Module
Landlord and Tenant Law ESTM5007 Module
Management of Corporate Real Estate ESTM6004 Module
Management Of Property & Corporate Real Estate ESTM6015 Module
Planning and Development Practice ESTM5002 Module
Property Management ESTM6003 Module
Property Technology ESTM6020 Module
Real Estate Accounting & Finance ESTM5012 Module
Real Estate Economics and Finance ESTM5004 Module
Real Estate Integrative Project (Professional Practice Test) ESTM6005 Module
Real Estate Investment ESTM6010 Module
Real Estate Investment ESTM6006 Module
Research Methods ESTM6012 Module
Research Methods ESTM5005 Module
Residential Property ESTM6019 Module
Strategic Real Estate Asset Management ESTM5016 Module
The Construction and Appraisal of Real Estate ESTM5001 Module
Valuation & Investment ESTM5011 Module
Valuation and Investment ESTM5008 Module

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