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Advanced Options 1 ENGL6002 Module
Advanced Options 2 ENGL6003 Module
Contemporary Literature (Synoptic Module) ENGL6005 Module
Creative Writing ENGL4005 Module
Creative Writing (Advanced) ENGL6001 Module
Creative Writing (Intermediate) ENGL5009 Module
Critical Debates and Methods ENGL7001 Module
Critical Theory in Action ENGL4006 Module
Culture, Criticism, Literature 1 ENGL4001 Module
Dissertation (for full time mode) ENGL7017 Module
Diverse Americas: Modern and Contemporary American Literature ENGL4016 Module
English Studies Dissertation ENGL6009 Module
English Studies Interdisciplinary Dissertation ENGL6007 Module
Fallen Victorians: Aestheticism & Decadence ENGL7023 Module
Global Literature and the Climate Emergency ENGL5021 Module
Humans & Other Animals ENGL7027 Module
Independent Study ENGL5020 Module
Independent Study (English and Modern & Contemporary Poetry) ENGL7016 Module
Independent Study 2 ENGL7014 Module
Independent Study in English Studies ENGL6006 Module
Literature in Time and Space ENGL5019 Module
Literature of Travel, Exploration and Exile ENGL4015 Module
Literature, Self and Society ENGL5018 Module
Madness, Psychoanalysis and Writing ENGL7020 Module
Major Project in Creative Writing ENGL6008 Module
Queer Cities ENGL7022 Module
Reading Oxford ENGL4014 Module
Romantic Nature Writing & its Afterlife ENGL7019 Module
Shakespeare ENGL4003 Module
Shakespeare and His Legacies ENGL7024 Module
Shakespeare and the Emotions ENGL7028 Module
Special Topics: Genres ENGL5007 Module
Special Topics: Periods ENGL5005 Module
Special Topics: Stylistics ENGL5006 Module
Special Topics: Themes ENGL5008 Module
The Fervent Thirties: American Literature and Culture during the Great Depression ENGL7021 Module
The Romantic Political Aesthetic: Empire, Slavery, and Liberty ENGL7025 Module
Transatlantic Lines: Modern and Contemporary Poetry ENGL7026 Module
Urban Jungle: the American City in Modern and Postmodern Literature and Culture ENGL7018 Module
Victorian Childhoods ENGL7029 Module
Work Placement in English ENGL5010 Module

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