This module will bring together the skills developed in the Creative Writing modules at Levels 4 and 5 so that students can work on a longer piece of writing, developing an understanding of how a book works as a whole. Through exposure to visits from a literary agent and/or editor, they will also learn about the submissions process for publication. Students will study long-form publications, novels, short story collections, poetry anthologies, narrative non-fiction and essay collections, as opposed to short pieces of writing. The final submission for the module will be a large piece of six thousand words (or equivalent in poetry) which shows an awareness of the final publication within which the submission might exist , for example - chapters from a novel or memoir, or short stories/poems/essays from a proposed anthology. The specific aims of the module are as follows: ◾ To focus the student's practice as a creative writer, with an emphasis on writing towards publication. ◾ To refine effective writing practices and habits. ◾ To deepen the ability to reflect on, and analyse one's practice as a writer. ◾ To read widely, with a focus onconsidering and discussing books as a whole (as opposed to short pieces of fiction or single poems) and build an understanding of structure, pace and balance within one's own writing. ◾ To think with sophistication about the work of other writers and apply insights to one's own work. ◾ To produce an extended piece of creative writing, that is presented as a section of a full book, a novel or collection of poetry, short stories, or essays.

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