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This and the other Advanced Options modules offer a basket of options in English from which students can select, in order to pursue their particular areas of period/thematic/generic/Stylistic specialism. The options offered are based on the current research interests of staff and may therefore vary from year to year, but the department offers a range of historical, thematic and generic coverage in line with the Level 5 courses. All options share the aim of introducing students to areas of staff research specialism so that they can engage directly at a sophisticated level with current research and/or practice, and evaluate it in relation to a specialised body of primary texts and to the contexts of original production and subsequent re-production of those texts. Students will be expected to take proactive control of their own learning through fulfilling a range of assessment possibilities appropriate to each option.

Lists linked to Advanced Options 1

Title Sort by title Semester Last updated Sort by last updated
Can Literature Help Save the World? (Advanced Option for English Literature) Semester 1 07/01/2023 14:44:35
Video Games, Digital Texts and Interactive Narratives (Advanced Option for English Literature) Semester 1 19/09/2022 10:25:16
Windrush Stories: British Black and Asian Voices from 1948 to the Present (Advanced Option for English Literature) Semester 1 28/09/2022 08:57:22
‘Our hearts were touched with fire’: the American Civil War Era in Literature, Memory, and Myth (Advanced Option for English Literature) Semester 1 18/12/2022 19:30:20