This module will build on the skills acquired in Level 4's Creative Writing (Introduction), leading to a deeper understanding of the tools available to a writer. It will offer students a chance to work with a variety of forms, and to write with an awareness of context, using style, tone and plot in a conscious manner. The specific aims of the module are as follows: ◾To broaden the student's practice as a creative writer, with a focus on experimenting with form and content across genres. ◾To reinforce effective writing practises and habits. ◾To hone the ability to reflect on and analyse one's practise as a writer. ◾To read widely, and within a variety of genres, to build an understanding of the possibilities of experimentation within one's own writing. ◾To think more critically about the work of other writers and apply insights to one's own work. ◾To produce a portfolio of creative writing, together with an analytical essay reflecting on one's own writing.

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ENGL5009 Creative Writing 2: Exploring Genre, Form and Style Semester 1 14/11/2022 16:30:30