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Becoming a Reader ECS6005 Module
Child Development ECS5011 Module
Child Development 2: Researching Child Development ECS6006 Module
Childhoods in Context ECS7001 Module
Children in the Digital World ECS5012 Module
Children's Imaginative Worlds ECS7003 Module
Dissertation ECS6010 Module
Dissertation Preparation ECS6018 Module
Early Childhood Studies Placement ECS5003 Module
Independent Study ECS6009 Module
International Comparisons in Early Childhood Care/Education ECS6004 Module
Learning and Development in Childhood ECS7002 Module
Literature for Young Children ECS5001 Module
Literature for Young Children (ACP) ECS6013 Module
Nurturing Inclusivity ECS4011 Module
Outdoor Learning (ACP) ECS6014 Module
Pedagogies to Promote Play ECS4012 Module
Preparing for the Dissertation ECS5009 Module
Preparing for the Dissertation (ACP) ECS6016 Module
Professional Roles in Early Years ECS6008 Module
Reflective Practice ECS6003 Module
Reflective Practice ECS6020 Module
Reflective Practice ECS6017 Module
Representations of Childhood (ACP) ECS6015 Module
Research in the Early Years ECS5008 Module
Technology and Young Children in a Digital Age ECS6019 Module
The Principled Professional ECS6011 Module
Unequal Childhoods ECS6012 Module
Working with Children 1 ECS4007 Module
Working with Children 2 ECS5010 Module
Working with Children, Young People and their Families ECS7004 Module
Young Children's Health and Wellbeing ECS5006 Module
Young Children's Outdoor Learning ECS4010 Module

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