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This is a Stage II multi-disciplinary module which builds on earlier work undertaken in the course. It complements work students undertake as part of their dissertation, placement modules and other practical work by looking at key themes of workforce development, partnership and workplace communication. This module will extend students' knowledge and understanding of the range of partnerships, which exist to facilitate early learning and care, and the roles undertaken by those partnerships both historically and in current society. Children's rights and entitlement in the home and other settings will inform analyses of the roles of parents and professionals, and the range of partnerships and their contribution to the health welfare and education of young children Legislation which impinges on the role of the workers in early years sectors will also be examined.

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ECS6008 Professional Roles in the Early Years (ACP) Terms 1, 2 or 3 27/08/2020 11:36:52
Professional Roles in the Early Years Semester 1 19/01/2021 10:01:02