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Contemporary Societies: Structure and Change SOCI4004 Module
Culture and Everyday Life SOCI5005 Module
Democratic Challenges in Russia and the EU SOCI6013 Module
Ethics, Power and World Politics SOCI6014 Module
Foundations of Social Theory SOCI4002 Module
Gender and Society SOCI5006 Module
Gendering Intimate Relationships SOCI6003 Module
Global Sociology SOCI5008 Module
Independent Study SOCI5013 Module
Independent Study in Sociology SOCI6006 Module
Race, Ethnicity and Exclusion SOCI5007 Module
Racialised Identities in Super-Diverse Societies SOCI6002 Module
Researching the Social World SOCI4003 Module
Social Research Methods SOCI5003 Module
Sociology Dissertation SOCI6008 Module
Sociology Interdisciplinary Dissertation SOCI6007 Module
Sociology of Health and Illness SOCI6009 Module
Sociology of Technology SOCI6016 Module
Sociology of work SOCI5009 Module
Sociology of Youth and Young Adulthood SOCI6015 Module
The Sociology of Migration SOCI6004 Module
Theorising Society SOCI6005 Module
Understanding Society 1: Differences and Divisions SOCI4001 Module
Work-based Learning in Sociology SOCI5012 Module

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