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Advanced Study of Cognitive Evolution ANTH7010 Module
Advanced Study of People and Other Animals ANTH7008 Module
Advanced Study of Primate Adaptation and Evolution ANTH7009 Module
Advanced Topics in Social Anthropology ANTH6020 Module
Anthropology Dissertation ANTH6025 Module
Anthropology in action ANTH5018 Module
Anthropology in Practice ANTH5028 Module
Anthropology Independent Study ANTH6017 Module
Anthropology Interdisciplinary Dissertation ANTH6019 Module
Anthropology of Development ANTH6032 Module
Anthropology of India ANTH5026 Module
Anthropology of Ritual ANTH5003 Module
Anthropology Work Placement ANTH5027 Module
Apes in the Anthropocene ANTH7014 Module
Becoming an Anthropologist ANTH4007 Module
Becoming an Anthropologist 2 ANTH4008 Module
Becoming human ANTH4010 Module
Becoming Independent Researchers ANTH5017 Module
Being Human ANTH4009 Module
Biological Anthropology Dissertation ANTH6028 Module
Captive Management and Rehabilitation ANTH7005 Module
Cognitive Evolution ANTH6008 Module
Conservation Education ANTH7006 Module
Culture and care ANTH6010 Module
European Societies ANTH5007 Module
Final Project ANTH7007 Module
Genetics and Population Management ANTH7004 Module
Human Ecology ANTH5015 Module
Human Evolutionary Biology and Geography ANTH6016 Module
Human Evolutionary Biology and Geography ANTH5012 Module
Human-Primate Interface ANTH7013 Module
Independent Study (Anthropology) ANTH5029 Module
Introduction to Japanese Society and Culture ANTH4004 Module
Lemurs & Nocturnal Primates ANTH7012 Module
Material Lives: Money and Livelihoods in Contemporary Africa ANTH6005 Module
Minorities and Marginality, Class and Conflict in Japan ANTH6002 Module
Molecular Anthropology ANTH6027 Module
MRes Final Research Project ANTH7016 Module
Palaeopathology ANTH6003 Module
People and Other Animals ANTH6021 Module
People-Primate Interactions ANTH7002 Module
Personhood, Gender, and the Body in Contemporary Japan ANTH5001 Module
Primate Adaptation & Evolution ANTH6018 Module
Primate adaptation and evolution ANTH5013 Module
Primate Conservation ANTH6026 Module
Primate Conservation - Research Methods ANTH7003 Module
Primate Diversity and Conservation ANTH7001 Module
Primate Societies ANTH4006 Module
Primatology & Conservation ANTH7015 Module
Reading Contemporary Ethnography ANTH5020 Module
Social Anthropology Dissertation ANTH6029 Module
Social Anthropology Theory ANTH5010 Module
Study of Anthropology of Ritual ANTH6012 Module
Study of European Societies ANTH6013 Module
Study of Reading Contemporary Ethnography ANTH6031 Module
Study of Social Anthropology Theory ANTH6024 Module
The Anthropology of Relatedness ANTH4005 Module
The Study of Anthropology in Practice ANTH6033 Module

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