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Academic Literacy in Politics and International Relations POLI4003 Module
Dilemmas of Governing POLI5018 Module
Dissertation in Politics POLI6015 Module
Double Dissertation in International Relations and Politics POLI6014 Module
Freedom and Justice in Contemporary Political Theory POLI6018 Module
Independent Study in Politics POLI6012 Module
Interdisciplinary Dissertation in Politics POLI6013 Module
Introduction to Politics POLI4001 Module
Nationalism and Regime Change POLI5017 Module
Political Thought 1 POLI5001 Module
Political Thought 2 POLI5007 Module
Politics in Comparative Perspective POLI4002 Module
Researching Politics and International Relations 2: Methods POLI5008 Module
South African Politics: From Apartheid to Democracy POLI6011 Module
State and Society: Europe and the United States POLI5016 Module
Violence and the Politics of Peace and Identity POLI6020 Module
Violence, Militarism and Terrorism POLI6019 Module
Work-based Learning in Politics and International Relations POLI5015 Module

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