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Name Code Type
Advanced Human Life Science U42128 Module
U42101 Module
Advanced Physiology for Allied Health Professionals U42124 Module
Anatomy and Physiology for Operating Department Practice 1 U42107 Module
Anatomy and Physiology for Operating Department Practice 2 U42108 Module
Development of Professional Practice U42102 Module
U42121 Module
Dissertation: Operating Department Practice U42199 Module
Furthering Professional Practice U42106 Module
Integrated Perioperative Practice U42172 Module
Leadership and Management in Perioperative Practice U42170 Module
Perioperative Care (Part One) U42103 Module
Perioperative Care (Part Three) U42122 Module
Perioperative Infection Prevention and Control U42127 Module
Perioperative Pharmacology U42129 Module
Perioperative Practice Five U42173 Module
Perioperative Practice Four U42171 Module
Perioperative Practice One U42105 Module
Perioperative Practice Three U42126 Module
Perioperative Practice Two U42125 Module
Pharmacology in Practice U42123 Module
Principles of Professional Practice U42104 Module

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