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Alternative Educational Provisions EDST5014 Module
Children's Outdoor Learning EDST5016 Module
Constructions of Childhood EDST4001 Module
Controversial and Contemporary Research in Education EDST6006 Module
Core Texts in Education EDST5008 Module
Cultural and Arts-Based Learning EDST5009 Module
Dissertation EDST6010 Module
Education in a World of Change: Policy and Provision EDST4002 Module
Education in International Development EDST6003 Module
Educational Inequalities: Schooling & Youth EDST5004 Module
Educational Placement EDST6008 Module
Emotional Development and Attachment EDST5010 Module
Gender and 21st Century Education EDST5013 Module
History of Education EDST4009 Module
Inclusion: Diverse Perspectives EDST6005 Module
Inclusion: Special Educational Needs & Disabilities EDST5006 Module
Independent Study EDST6001 Module
Independent Study EDST5017 Module
Independent Study: Work and Community Related Learning EDST5015 Module
Interdisciplinary Dissertation EDST6009 Module
Introduction to Child and Adolescent Development EDST4004 Module
Introduction to the Study of Education EDST4003 Module
Media, Technology and Education EDST5011 Module
Pedagogies to Promote STEAM EDST4008 Module
Philosophy of Education EDST6002 Module
Placement 1: Understanding Education EDST4007 Module
Psychology and Education EDST5002 Module
Research Methods in Childhood and Education EDST5005 Module
Technology and Learning: Dilemmas, Challenges and Opportunities EDST6004 Module
The Social World of Childhood and Youth EDST5001 Module
Understanding Youth, Deviance, and Discipline EDST6007 Module

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