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Advanced Artificial Intelligence COMP5023 Module
Advanced Artificial Intelligence Project COMP7017 Module
Advanced Interfaces COMP6038 Module
Advanced Machine Learning and Deep Learning COMP6034 Module
Advanced Object-Oriented Programming COMP6018 Module
Advanced Software Development COMP7029 Module
Advanced Software Engineering COMP7028 Module
Applications and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence COMP6033 Module
Applied Software Engineering COMP5047 Module
Artificial General Intelligence COMP7016 Module
Artificial Intelligence COMP6032 Module
Artificial Intelligence Systems Engineering COMP7015 Module
Basic Communications and PC Networking COMP4033 Module
Big Data and the Cloud COMP7033 Module
Big Data and the Cloud COMP7022 Module
BSc Computing Project COMP6013 Module
Building a Web-based Business COMP7009 Module
Business computing COMP4003 Module
Business Computing (Double) COMP4027 Module
Business eFUTURES COMP7010 Module
Business Intelligence Programming COMP5007 Module
Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things COMP6031 Module
Compiler Construction COMP7031 Module
Complex and Structured Data COMP5011 Module
Computer and Network Systems COMP7002 Module
Computer Science Applications COMP4035 Module
Computing Interdisciplinary Project COMP6012 Module
Current Research COMP5003 Module
Cyber Security Project COMP6020 Module
Data Science and Machine Learning COMP7032 Module
Data Structures COMP5017 Module
Data Structures COMP5036 Module
Database Analysis and Design COMP5027 Module
Database Analysis and Design COMP5037 Module
Database IT Skills COMP4011 Module
eMarketing Principles and Strategies COMP7011 Module
Enterprise Engineering COMP5046 Module
Enterprise Networking COMP7026 Module
Essential Mathematics for University Study COMP3002 Module
Foundations of Artificial Intelligence COMP7018 Module
Foundations of Computation COMP5001 Module
Foundations of Computer Programming COMP3001 Module
Foundations of Computer Systems COMP4009 Module
Foundations of Computer Systems COMP4023 Module
Foundations of Data Analytics COMP6037 Module
Foundations of Security COMP5020 Module
Fundamentals of Programming COMP4021 Module
Further Object Oriented Programming COMP5035 Module
Further Object Oriented Programming COMP5002 Module
Graphics and the Web COMP3006 Module
Innovative Product Development COMP5022 Module
Internet Technology 1 COMP4028 Module
Internet Technology 1 COMP4020 Module
Internet Technology 2 COMP5030 Module
Internet Technology 2 COMP5033 Module
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence COMP5045 Module
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence COMP4017 Module
Introduction to Networks COMP4034 Module
Introduction to Object Oriented Programming COMP4005 Module
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming COMP4022 Module
Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming COMP4026 Module
LAN techniques COMP5044 Module
Machine Learning COMP6011 Module
Machine Vision COMP6025 Module
Malware Analysis COMP6016 Module
Malware Analysis COMP7023 Module
Mathematical Methods COMP4018 Module
Mobile and Distributed Systems COMP7013 Module
Modern Computing Technology COMP4004 Module
Modern Computing Technology (Double) COMP4025 Module
Network Security COMP6036 Module
Network Technologies COMP5041 Module
Networking and Multimedia COMP4007 Module
Object-Oriented Programming COMP7001 Module
Object-Oriented Software Development COMP7019 Module
Operating Systems Security and Development COMP7024 Module
Paradigms of Programming COMP7027 Module
Principles of Secure Operating Systems COMP6015 Module
Professional Applications of Communication Theories COMP4008 Module
Professional Issues and Computer Risks COMP5014 Module
Professional Programming Practice COMP4006 Module
Professional Skills COMP4019 Module
Professional Software System Design COMP4024 Module
Requirements Specification and Software Design COMP5010 Module
Requirements Specifications & Software Design COMP5039 Module
Routing techniques and LAN security COMP6039 Module
Secure Computer Systems COMP7021 Module
Secure Programming COMP7025 Module
Secure Programming COMP6014 Module
Secure Systems Architecture COMP7030 Module
Software Analysis and Testing COMP6002 Module
Software Development with C and C++ COMP5004 Module
Software Engineering COMP7020 Module
Software Engineering COMP6030 Module
Software Project Management COMP6026 Module
Study Skills and Preparation for Higher Education COMP3004 Module
Switched Local Area Network COMP5034 Module
Switching and routing principles COMP5043 Module
The Business Web COMP7008 Module
The Human Computer Interface COMP5008 Module
Trends & Directions COMP6005 Module
WAN Technologies COMP5042 Module
Web Applications Development COMP7007 Module
Web Technology COMP5013 Module
Wide Area Networking and Routing COMP5032 Module
Word-Processing and Spreadsheet IT skills COMP4010 Module
Work Based Project COMP5028 Module
Work Experience Placement COMP5015 Module
Work-based Project (single) COMP5038 Module

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