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Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art PHIL5014 Module
Ancient Greek Philosophy PHIL5001 Module
Continental Philosophy of Religion PHIL5007 Module
Dissertation PHIL6010 Module
Early Modern Philosophy: Descartes and Hume PHIL5002 Module
Eastern Religious Philosophies PHIL4006 Module
Ethics for the 21st Century PHIL5010 Module
Evolution and the Mind PHIL5005 Module
God, Religion and Philosophy PHIL4007 Module
History of Philosophy 1: Ancient Greek Philosophy PHIL5011 Module
History of Philosophy 2: Early Modern Philosophy PHIL5012 Module
Human Nature PHIL4005 Module
Independent Study PHIL5015 Module
Independent Study in Philosophy PHIL6008 Module
Independent Study: Work and Community Related Learning PHIL5008 Module
Interdisciplinary Dissertation PHIL6009 Module
Introduction to Philosophy PHIL4001 Module
Language and Reality PHIL5004 Module
Medieval Philosophy PHIL6001 Module
Metaphilosophy PHIL6003 Module
Moral Vision PHIL6005 Module
Philosophy as a way of life PHIL5006 Module
Philosophy of Law PHIL5013 Module
Philosophy of Science PHIL5003 Module
Reason and Argument PHIL4004 Module
Right, Wrong and Reason PHIL4002 Module
Space, Time, and Being PHIL6007 Module
The Moral Mind PHIL6012 Module
Theory of Knowledge PHIL4003 Module
Thinking in Dark Times PHIL6004 Module
Thought and Consciousness PHIL6006 Module

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