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Anatomy & Physiology for Paramedics PARA4007 Module
Anatomy and Physiology for Paramedics PARA4012 Module
Applied Practice Education PARA6010 Module
Assessing and Managing Minor Illnesses PARA6005 Module
Assessing and Managing Minor Injuries PARA6006 Module
Clinical Examination and Paramedic Intervention Skills PARA5006 Module
Developing Paramedic Clinical Practice PARA5013 Module
Developing Paramedic Patient Assessment and Management PARA5012 Module
Developing Paramedic Practice PARA4009 Module
Developing Paramedic Skills PARA5003 Module
Developing Professional Judgement in Paramedic Practice PARA5004 Module
Dissertation: Paramedic Science PARA6001 Module
Education and Training in Paramedic Practice PARA6004 Module
Enhanced Paramedic Clinical Practice PARA6008 Module
Enhanced Paramedic Patient Assessment and Management PARA6007 Module
Fundamental of Paramedic Patient Assessment and Management PARA4011 Module
Fundamentals of Clinical Practice PARA4013 Module
Fundamentals of Evidence Based Practice, PARA4015 Module
General Pathology for the Paramedic PARA5007 Module
Introduction to Paramedic Science PARA4006 Module
Leadership and Management in Paramedic Practice PARA6003 Module
Mental Health: Application to Paramedic Practice PARA5011 Module
Mental Health: Application to Paramedic Practice PARA5016 Module
Minor Illness Management for Paramedics PARA5005 Module
Paramedic Clinical Practice 1 PARA4008 Module
Paramedic Clinical Practice 2 PARA5009 Module
Paramedic Clinical Practice 3 PARA6002 Module
Paramedic Research Methods and Analysis PARA5017 Module
Paramedic Science Dissertation PARA6011 Module
Pathophysiology for Paramedics PARA5015 Module
Pharmacology & Medicines Management for Paramedics PARA6009 Module
Pharmacology for Paramedic Practice PARA5010 Module
Principles of Professional Practice PARA4014 Module
Professional judgement: applied sociology, psychology and evidence PARA4010 Module
Urgent and Emergency Care in Paramedic Practice PARA5008 Module

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