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Academic and Research Literacy NUTR4007 Module
Applied Human Nutrition NUTR5008 Module
Applied Practice in Sport and Exercise Nutrition NUTR7011 Module
Cells and Metabolism NUTR4003 Module
Clinical Nutrition NUTR6005 Module
Energy Regulation and Obesity NUTR6007 Module
Exercise Physiology NUTR7007 Module
Exercise Prescription for Neurological Conditions NUTR7010 Module
Food Groups NUTR4006 Module
Food Science NUTR7003 Module
Functional Foods and New Food Product Development NUTR6002 Module
Fundamentals of Food Science NUTR5002 Module
Global Nutrition and Public Health NUTR7002 Module
Global Nutrition and Public Health Policy NUTR6003 Module
Health Promotion and Professional Practice NUTR7012 Module
Human Nutrition NUTR7001 Module
Introduction to Nutrition NUTR4001 Module
Laboratory Techniques in Sport & Exercise Nutrition NUTR7009 Module
Lifespan Nutrition NUTR5007 Module
Motivating Health Behaviour NUTR5003 Module
Nutrition, Physical Activity and Health NUTR7005 Module
Nutritional Biochemistry and Metabolism NUTR5004 Module
Professional Practice for Nutritionists 1 NUTR4004 Module
Professional Practice for Nutritionists 2 NUTR5006 Module
Professional Practice for Nutritionists 3 NUTR6004 Module
Psychology of food NUTR4005 Module
Research Methods NUTR7004 Module
Research Methods for Nutrition and Health Sciences NUTR5018 Module
Research Project NUTR7008 Module
Research Project / Dissertation in Nutrition NUTR6008 Module
Scientific Skills for Health Scientists NUTR4002 Module
Sport and Exercise Nutrition in Practice NUTR7006 Module
Work Experience NUTR5001 Module

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