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This module develops the knowledge and experience gained by students via the level 5 module U14639 Professional Practice for Nutritionists 2 and also prepares the students for future practice as nutritionists in food industry, community, research or public health settings. The students will learn about working within their scope of practice and also keeping up to date with developments in the field of nutrition. There will be sessions on the legal context of nutrition practice, relevance of indemnity provision and intellectual property issues. The module also requires students to prepare a portfolio demonstrating their knowledge and understanding in nutrition to meet the core competencies. This module is based on the knowledge gained in some of the taught modules such as U14687 Clinical Nutrition, U14646 Lifespan Nutrition and U14677 Global Nutrition, Public Health and Policy. There will be training sessions to develop a consultancy brief for either product development or nutrition services. The module will provide opportunities to develop presentation skills pitching a new product developed or a service provided by a nutritionist in a research, consultancy, industry or public health context.

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NUTR6004 Professional Practice for Nutritionists 3 11/09/2020 14:38:12