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Advanced Design and Make ARTD5017 Module
Advanced Manufacturing and Material Culture ARTD5018 Module
Advanced Technical & Visual Communication ARTD5019 Module
Consolidating Practice ARTD4010 Module
Critical Theory 1: Introduction to Analysis in Contemporary Art ARTD4004 Module
Critical Theory 2: Expanded Self and Beyond ARTD4005 Module
Critical Theory 3: Accessibility and Interdisciplinary Practice ARTD5002 Module
Critical Theory 4: Art and Critical Environments ARTD5021 Module
Critical Theory 5: Independent Research ARTD6002 Module
Design and Make ARTD4016 Module
Developing Specialist Practice ARTD3008 Module
Diagnostic Investigation in CP ARTD3007 Module
Digital Tools for Illustration and Animation ARTD4014 Module
Drawing ARTD4012 Module
Drawing for Illustration ARTD5011 Module
Extended Research project / Dissertation ARTD6013 Module
Fine Art Major Project ARTD6005 Module
Fine Art Practice I: Outcomes of Research in Practice ARTD7002 Module
Fine Art Practice II: Major Project ARTD7003 Module
Fine Art Theory I: Topics in Contemporary Fine Art Culture ARTD7004 Module
Fine Art Theory II: Extended Critical Essay ARTD7005 Module
Furniture Craft ARTD4017 Module
Furniture Production ARTD5016 Module
Illustration in Context ARTD4015 Module
Illustration Research Project ARTD5014 Module
Independent Study in Contemporary Art ARTD5008 Module
Interdisciplinary Dissertation/ Project ARTD6004 Module
Live Briefs and Collaborations ARTD5013 Module
Major Project ARTD7010 Module
Major Project (Exhibition) ARTD6006 Module
Manufacturing & Material Culture ARTD4018 Module
Negotiated Studies ARTD6010 Module
Personal and Creative Style ARTD5015 Module
Personal Project: Design & Make ARTD6018 Module
Personal Project: Written ARTD6016 Module
Placement in the Creative and Cultural Industries ARTD5020 Module
Portfolio and Promotion ARTD6011 Module
Practice 1: Experimental Projects ARTD4020 Module
Practice 2: The Gallery and Beyond ARTD4009 Module
Practice 3: Extending Practice ARTD5009 Module
Practice 4: Consolidating Practice ARTD5010 Module
Practice 5: Research and Development ARTD6001 Module
Practice 6: Major Project ARTD6021 Module
Professional Design & Make ARTD6015 Module
Professional Development ARTD6017 Module
Professional Experience ARTD7001 Module
Professional Practice and Exhibition ARTD6014 Module
Real Art World 1: Introduction to Creative Careers ARTD4021 Module
Real Art World 2: Expanded Creative Projects ARTD5022 Module
Real Art World 3: Independent Professional Projects ARTD6020 Module
Self-Initiated Major Projects ARTD6019 Module
Sequential Illustration Anthology Project ARTD5012 Module
Technical & Visual Communication ARTD4019 Module
Visual Communication in Illustration ARTD4011 Module
Visual Narrative, Storyboard & Scripts ARTD4013 Module

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