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Name Code Type
Academic and Research Literacy U76114 Module
Advanced Coaching Practice U76173 Module
Advanced Practice in Sport and Exercise Psychology U76170 Module
Advanced Social Theory in Sports Coaching U76172 Module
An Introduction to the Sociology of Sport U76113 Module
Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology U76142 Module
Coaching: Practice to Theory 1 U76110 Module
Coaching: Practice to Theory 2 U76140 Module
Effective Coaching Practice U76117 Module
Global and Cultural Studies in Sport U76123 Module
Human Movement and Skill in Sport U76112 Module
Independent Study 1 U76168 Module
Independent Study 2 U76188 Module
Interdisciplinary Dissertation U76190 Module
Physiology for Human Movement U76115 Module
Principles of Training for Sport and Exercise U76141 Module
Professional Practice in Sport Coaching U76139 Module
Project / Dissertation U76199 Module
Special Populations and Rehabilitation U76175 Module
Sport Pedagogy U76109 Module
Sports Development U76143 Module
Strength and Conditioning for Sport and Health U76177 Module
The Sports and Exercise Practitioner U76116 Module

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