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Name Code Type
U48871 Module
U48870 Module
U48827 Module
Evidence in Professional Practice U48807 Module
Fit for Practice - Two U48816 Module
Human Growth and Development - 1 U48800 Module
Human Growth and Development - 2 U48801 Module
Legal Aspects of Health & Social Care U48803 Module
Skill Development & Professional Communication U48805 Module
Social Work Practice 1 U48839 Module
Social Work Practice 2 U48872 Module
Social Work with Children U48822 Module
Social Work with Children & Young People U48834 Module
Social Work with Looked After Children (adv) U48831 Module
U48826 Module
Support to Social Work Practice U48838 Module
U48899 Module
U48823 Module
Fit for Practice - One U48815 Module
Post Qualifying Consolidation - Adults U48828 Module
U48821 Module
Post Qualifying Consolidation - Children & Families U48820 Module
U48804 Module
U48829 Module
Practice Learning 3 U48835 Module
Practice Outcomes for Children and Families U48830 Module
Practicum 2 - Part A U48836 Module
U48896 Module
U48895 Module
Practicum 2 - Part B U48837 Module
Professional Communications U48802 Module
Safeguarding Vulnerable People U48806 Module
Vulnerable Adult U48832 Module

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