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Name Code Type
Adult Emergency Practice U47171 Module
Advanced Nephrology Practice and Transplantation U47126 Module
Advances in Neonatal Intensive Care U47132 Module
Advances in Neonatal Intensive Care Practice U47191 Module
Advancing Orthopaedic Practice U47182 Module
Advancing Skills in Children's Intensive Care U47130 Module
Advancing Trauma Practice U47185 Module
Children's Emergency Practice U47170 Module
Children's High Dependency Care Practice U47192 Module
Children's Intensive Care Practice U47129 Module
Clinical Management of Long Term Conditions U47139 Module
Developing Emergency Care U47134 Module
Developing Emergency Practice U47173 Module
Dissertation U47199 Module
Essentials of Trauma Care U47135 Module
Independent Study U47188 Module
Introduction to Neuroscience Critical Care Nursing U47175 Module
Introduction to Patient Assessment U47172 Module
Management and Treatment of the Neuroscience Patient U47174 Module
U47186 Module
Nephrology Practice U47125 Module
U47176 Module
Nephrology Practice and Transplantation U47180 Module
Paediatric Emergency Care U47133 Module
Principles and Practice of Neonatal Intensive Care U47131 Module
Principles of Critical and Specialist Care U47120 Module
Principles of Orthopaedic Practice U47183 Module
Principles of Trauma Practice U47184 Module
The Assessment and Management of Long Term Conditions U47181 Module
U47178 Module
The Patients Experience of Acute Neuroscience Care U47127 Module
The Patients Experience of Chronic Neuroscience Care U47128 Module
U47179 Module
U47190 Module
U47121 Module

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