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Anatomy & Physiology for Paramedics U43501 Module
Developing Paramedic Practice U43503 Module
Dissertation: Paramedic Science U43570 Module
Education and Training in Paramedic Practice U43573 Module
General Pathology for the Paramedic U43520 Module
Introduction to Paramedic Science U43500 Module
Leadership and Management in Paramedic Practice U43572 Module
Mental Health; Application to Paramedic Practice U43524 Module
Paramedic Clinical Practice 1 U43502 Module
Paramedic Clinical Practice 2 U43522 Module
Paramedic Clinical Practice 3 U43571 Module
Pharmacology for Paramedic Practice U43523 Module
Professional judgement: applied sociology, psychology and evidence U43504 Module
Urgent and Emergency Care in Paramedic Practice U43521 Module

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