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Name Code Type
Cardio-Respiratory Physiotherapy U42905 Module
Collaborative Practices in Health Care U42929 Module
Developing Values Based Professionalism U42907 Module
Human Movement and Dysfunction U42904 Module
Integrated Physiotherapy Practice U42939 Module
Leadership and Management in Health and Social Care U42973 Module
Neurological movement control and dysfunction U42906 Module
Physiotherapy Management of Long-Term Conditions U42940 Module
Practice Experience 3 (Physiotherapy) U42970 Module
Practice Experience 4 (Physiotherapy) U42971 Module
Practice Experience 5 (Physiotherapy) U42972 Module
Practice Experience 1 (Physiotherapy) U42927 Module
Practice Experience 2 (Physiotherapy) U42928 Module
Project or Dissertation in Physiotherapy U42999 Module
Skills for Health Informatics U42900 Module
Specialist Physiotherapy Practice U42997 Module

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