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Name Code Type
Assessment and Care of the Acutely Ill Child U40523 Module
Effectiveness in Children's Nursing Management U40533 Module
Family Nursing U40503 Module
Family Nursing (Hons) U40572 Module
Independent Study U40568 Module
Independent Study U40588 Module
Nursing Children with Complex Care Needs (honours) U40570 Module
Nursing Management: Children's Nursing Consolidation Module U40571 Module
PPE 4 (Children's Nursing) U40536 Module
PPE 5 (Children's Nursing) U40537 Module
Professional Practice Experience 1 (Children's Nursing) U40510 Module
Promoting Health & Development with Children and Families U40524 Module
The Sick Neonate U40529 Module
The Sick Neonate U40573 Module
U40534 Module
U40535 Module

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