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U24101 Module
U24102 Module
Advanced Statistics and Experimental Method for Psychology U24137 Module
An Introduction to Psychological Research U24111 Module
Big Ideas in Psychology U24106 Module
Biological Psychology U24130 Module
Foundations of Biological Psychology U24105 Module
Foundations of Developmental Psychology U24104 Module
Independent Study U24168 Module
Independent Study in Psychology U24188 Module
Interdisciplinary Project U24190 Module
Introduction to Research Methods & Statistics for Psychology U24103 Module
Learning from Influential Papers in Psychology U24107 Module
Personality and Individual Differences U24125 Module
Project (Double Psychology) U24199 Module
Psychological Interventions U24174 Module
Psychology and Contemporary Issues U24109 Module
Qualitative Methods in Psychology U24171 Module
Questionnaire Design for Psychology U24120 Module
Questionnaires and Qualitative Methods for Psychology U24147 Module
Topics in Cognition U24181 Module
U24180 Module
Topics in Developmental Psychology U24182 Module
Topics in Social Psychology U24183 Module
Understanding Developmental Disorders U24172 Module
U24170 Module
U24132 Module
U24133 Module
U24135 Module
U24127 Module

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