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Name Code Type
Advanced Topics in Wildlife Conservation U15591 Module
Animal Behaviour U15552 Module
Biogeography and Biodiversity U15550 Module
Biology Dissertation/Project U15598 Module
Chemical Principles and the Environment U15501 Module
Community Ecology U15587 Module
Data Science and Bioinformatics U15535 Module
Development and Evolutionary Change U15557 Module
Developmental Biology U15534 Module
Ecology U15554 Module
Environmental Change: Field-Work and Research U15584 Module
Environmental Consultancy U15589 Module
Environmental Hazards and Risk U15527 Module
Environmental Pollution U15526 Module
Environmental Processes, Pollution and Climate Change U15520 Module
Environmental Project U15599 Module
Field Course: Identification and Methodology U15502 Module
Field Course: Surveys and Licensing U15528 Module
Fieldwork 1 U15521 Module
Fieldwork 2 U15522 Module
Fundamentals of Microbiology U15533 Module
Genetics U15532 Module
International Exchange U15560 Module
Man and Environment U15555 Module
Molecular Biology U15531 Module
Population Ecology U15586 Module
Resource Management, Recycling and Contaminated Land U15537 Module
Science and Humanity U15570 Module
The Context of the Cell U15536 Module
Threatened Species U15553 Module
U15571 Module
Research Methods for Biology and Environmental Sciences U15529 Module
Science by Number U15504 Module
Science in Practice: Current topics in Biology & Env Science U15503 Module
Work Experience U15539 Module

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