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Name Code Type
U14660 Module
U14687 Module
Advanced Laboratory Techniques in Sport & Exercise Science U14684 Module
Alpine Fieldwork in Exercise Science U14622 Module
Alpine Fieldwork in Exercise Science U14672 Module
Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology U14644 Module
Biomedical Laboratory Placement U14665 Module
Cells and Metabolism U14603 Module
Community Nutrition and Food Policy U14686 Module
Elite Sporting Performance Independent Study:Personal Review U14667 Module
Endocrine and Reproductive Physiology U14645 Module
Energy Regulation and Obesity U14692 Module
Enterprise Skills for Life Scientists U14673 Module
Evidence Based Medicine and Diagnostics U14675 Module
Exercise Instruction U14621 Module
Exercise Prescription U14695 Module
Food Groups U14608 Module
Food Quality and Hygiene U14633 Module
Food Science U14632 Module
Functional Foods and Food Product Development U14674 Module
Global Nutrition, Public Health and Policy U14677 Module
Human Activity in Extreme Environments U14682 Module
Human Health and Disease U14643 Module
Human Nutrition and Metabolism U14635 Module
Integrated Approaches to Training and Performance U14689 Module
Integrated Physiology U14636 Module
Interdisciplinary Project U14690 Module
International Nutrition U14664 Module
Introduction to Nutrition U14601 Module
Lifespan Nutrition U14646 Module
Neuromuscular Physiology and Control of Human Movement U14640 Module
Neuroscience U14683 Module
New Food Product Development U14670 Module
Nutrition and Exercise Genomics U14642 Module
Nutritional Epidemiology U14676 Module
Physical Activity and Health U14626 Module
Professional Practice for Nutritionists 1 U14604 Module
Professional Practice for Nutritionists 2 U14639 Module
Professional Practice for Nutritionists 3 U14678 Module
Project U14699 Module
Psychology of food U14605 Module
Research Methods for Life Scientists U14623 Module
Research Project U14698 Module
Scientific Skills for Health Scientists U14602 Module
Sport and Exercise Biomechanics U14627 Module
Sport and Exercise Nutrition U14666 Module
Sports Injuries and 1st Aid U14625 Module
Sports Performance: Physiology and Assessment U14624 Module
Systemic Physiology and Pathophysiology U14641 Module
Work Experience U14629 Module
U14634 Module

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