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Name Code Type
Advanced Topics in Cell Biology U14584 Module
Advances in Biotechnology U14587 Module
Biochemistry of Cell Function U14525 Module
Biodiversity U14501 Module
Biology of Cells U14502 Module
Biomedical Laboratory Skills U14508 Module
Biomedical Science Project U14598 Module
Cell and Molecular Biology Dissertation U14595 Module
Cell and Molecular Biology Project U14599 Module
Chemistry of Cells U14505 Module
Clinical Biochemistry and Haematology U14581 Module
Clinical Biochemistry and Pharmacology U14572 Module
Clinical Pharmacology U14531 Module
Exercise Physiology and Nutrition U14506 Module
Haematology and Immunology U14551 Module
Human Structure and Function U14504 Module
Independent Study in Life Sciences U14588 Module
Industrial Experience U14565 Module
Infection, Immunity and Immunology U14582 Module
Laboratory Techniques for the Biosciences U14540 Module
Microbiology U14533 Module
Microbiology and Immunology U14530 Module
Molecular Biology and Genetics U14520 Module
Molecular Biology of Cancer U14591 Module
Molecular Medicine U14592 Module
U14552 Module
Pathophysiology U14570 Module
Plant Science U14535 Module
Professional and Experimental Skills U14515 Module
Professional Skills in Biomedical Science U14509 Module
Research Methods for Healthcare Sciences U14523 Module
Scientific Skills U14514 Module
Special Study in Life Sciences U14568 Module

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