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Academic Skills for Psychology PSYC4011 Module
An Introduction to Psychological Research PSYC4008 Module
Applying Social Psychology to Global Challenges PSYC5012 Module
Attachment & Human Development: A life span approach PSYC6022 Module
Attachment and Human Development: A Life Span Approach PSYC5020 Module
Behaviour Change and Prevention PSYC6016 Module
Biological Psychology PSYC5004 Module
Clinical Neuropsychology PSYC5018 Module
Cognitive and Social Aspects of Development: Developmental Psychology I PSYC7008 Module
Conceptual Issues & Critical Debates in Psychology PSYC6013 Module
Contemporary Issues in Psychology PSYC4014 Module
Deviance, Violence and Criminal Behaviour PSYC6025 Module
Disorders of Development PSYC6015 Module
Experimental Method and Statistics for Psychology: Statistical Analysis of Psychological Data PSYC7005 Module
Foundation in Systemic Theory and Practice PSYC7009 Module
Foundations of Developmental Psychology PSYC4003 Module
Foundations of Experimental Psychology PSYC4001 Module
Foundations of Social Psychology PSYC4002 Module
Health Behaviour Across the Lifespan PSYC5013 Module
Healthy and Unhealthy Romantic Relationships PSYC6019 Module
Independent Study PSYC5009 Module
Independent Study in Psychology PSYC6009 Module
Intelligence and Individual Differences: Theory & Research Methods in Psychology I PSYC7006 Module
Interdisciplinary Project PSYC6010 Module
Intermediate Course in Systemic Theory and Practice PSYC7010 Module
Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience PSYC7001 Module
Introduction to Key Areas in Psychology PSYC4010 Module
Introduction to Psychological Research PSYC4012 Module
Introduction to Psychological Research 1 PSYC4015 Module
Introduction to Psychological Research 2 PSYC4016 Module
Learning from Influential Papers in Psychology PSYC4006 Module
Memory and Language PSYC5015 Module
Motor Skill Learning, Control & Rehabilitation PSYC6018 Module
Perception and Action PSYC5014 Module
Personality and Psychological Disorders PSYC7003 Module
Personality and Psychometrics PSYC5016 Module
Professional Insights in Psychology: Independent work experience PSYC6027 Module
Psychological Research Methods and Statistics PSYC5011 Module
Psychological Research Methods and Statistics 1 PSYC5021 Module
Psychological Research Methods and Statistics 2 PSYC5022 Module
Psychology and Contemporary Issues PSYC4007 Module
Psychology and Human Factors PSYC4013 Module
Psychology of Language PSYC6020 Module
Psychology of Mental Health Conditions PSYC6001 Module
Psychology of Mental Health Conditions PSYC5017 Module
Psychology of Religion, Nonreligion, and Spirituality PSYC6026 Module
Psychology Project (Double) PSYC6012 Module
Qualitative Methods in Psychology PSYC6002 Module
Research Based Dissertation PSYC7007 Module
Research Design Skills PSYC7004 Module
Social Psychology PSYC7002 Module
Specialised Research Methods PSYC6023 Module
The Self: Autobiographical and Dialogical Approaches PSYC6021 Module
Wellbeing & Resilience in the face of Conflict & Disaster PSYC6017 Module
Work and Organisational Psychology PSYC6014 Module
Work Experience (Psychology) PSYC5023 Module
Work Experience Preparation PSYC5019 Module

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