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Name Code Type
Applied Research Methods P44606 Module
P44661 Module
P44632 Module
P44660 Module
P44651 Module
Community Practitioner Nurse Prescriber (V150) P44604 Module
P44650 Module
P44638 Module
CSP 2 Community Mental Health Nursing P44636 Module
P44637 Module
CSP 2 General Practice Nursing P44639 Module
P44648 Module
Public Health Policy P44600 Module
P44647 Module
P44633 Module
P44643 Module
Advanced Health Promotion P44614 Module
P44611 Module
P44617 Module
An introduction to Microbiology and Immunology P44618 Module
Communicable Diseases and Public Health P44615 Module
CSP 1 Community Mental Health Nursing P44631 Module
CSP 1 General Practice Nursing P44634 Module
P44642 Module
Communicable Diseases and Public Health P44619 Module
CSP 1 Community Learning Disabilities Nursing P44630 Module
CSP 2 Community Learning Disabilities Nursing P44635 Module
Data Analysis and Interpretation P44616 Module
Epidemiology P44612 Module
Evidence Based Prevention P44605 Module
Public Health Dissertation P44607 Module

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